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Not everyone is a booze hound. So for the more soberly minded, we've got some banging non-alcoholic drinks available here at Stagger Lee's. Be sure to grab one of our homemade juices and don't leave without giving a milkshake a go.

Juice, Nice Pear

Apple, pear, mint, lime

Big Daddy's Daily

Carrot, apple beetroot, strawberry and ginger

Juice, The Rizzo

Watermelon, apple, strawberry, mint

Organic Orange Juice


Acai Coconut Smoothie

Acai, coconut water, banana

Smoothie The Governer

Blueberries, strawberries, LSA, chia, wholegrain oats, almond milk

Smoothie Viva Le Ginge

Banana, orange, strawberries, mango

Smoothie Hipster 'Kale"

Kale, cucumber, mango, lemon, apple, mint

Milk Shakes

-Mork Choc

Gangsta Milkshake, Golden Guivo

Deconstructed golden gay time

Gangsta Milkshake, Rocky V

Deconstruced rocky road