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Truffled Mushrooms

Sautéd mushrooms, fried egg, polenta pecorino, garlic toast, crispy migas Gluten free option

Price $19.00

Vegan All Day Greens

Quinoa, cashew butter, charred zucchini + broccoli, crispy kale, toasted papitas, nuts n seeds, avo, soy-lime dressing Gluten...

Price $17.00


Can of Coke

Price $3.00


Mount Franklin

Price $3.00


Ristretto, warm silky milk Proud Mary "Humbler Blend"

Price $4.20

Cold Brew Coffee

Proud Mary Filter roast single origin bean, changes weekly Served over ice

Price $5.00

Batch Brew Coffee

Proud Mary Single origin Filter roast beans, changes weekly

Price $4.50

Flat White

Single Ristretto, microfoam steamed milk

Price $4.20

Long Black

Double espresso over hot water Single origin Espresso roast Proud Mary beans

Price $4.20